Friday, May 1, 2009

A celebratory day

Yesterday and today we have been celebrating the life of my cousin Mary, who, fifty years ago, was born with Down’s Syndrome. Like so many with this affliction, she was a loving person, and despite her most severe limitations, seemed to be happy with her life. Yesterday we attended a memorial service given by her wonderful care givers at Fircrest School, and today we had a family gathering at the cemetery, and of course, food after. Food. That seems to be my major interest lately, doesn’t it? Rebecca, the expert baker, prepared two types of focaccia, red pepper and a sort of whole wheat walnut version. It was super tasty. I was bringing deviled eggs and a fruit salad. Rebecca gave me suggestions as to the fruit to use She even selected the pineapple, something I never seem to have success with. And she gave me very specific directions as to the dressing, and some chaat masala she had made, to flavor it with. I was working on the eggs, and as usual, I was behind schedule with my cooking. John, the young man helping me with house fixing, came through the kitchen, and I asked him if he would peel the pineapple, please. He has been a chef and told me that once he had to prepare pineapple salad for 400 people, so he was quick and adroit with this task that I had beeb rather dreading. Then he chopped the cucumber and the tomatoes, cleaned and sliced the strawberries, cut the orange into segments. Then he made the dressing, per Rebecca’s instructions, adding an innovation or two of his own. At our gathering, the salad was a tremendous success and everyone complimented me on my creativity and culinary skills. I felt quite proud and gratified, and indeed, felt that I had really made the salad. Then I realized that all I had actually done was think up the idea of fruit salad. It was totally the creation of Rebecca and John. I have had bosses who had this same problem with projects that their staff had done, and I never could understand how they could be so brazen as to take credit for the work of others. Now I begin to see.


FugueStateKnits said...

sorry for the loss of your cousin and so glad that you were all able to celebrate her life!
be well!
Joan a/k/a FSK

Knitman said...

There seem to be quite a number of people with Down's around here. I am glad to see that many live independently are not hidden away. I am also aware that the condition differs in it's expression so that some are worse off than others. I ma glad Mary was born into a good family.

Laura said...

Sorry for the loss of your sweet cousin Mary. The food once again is so beautiful-your family dinners must be a wonderful time. And you have a man who fixes up houses and is a chef?? You have mighty good Karma!