Monday, May 18, 2009

A culinary day

Pizza for dinner! What a good idea. I had the dough rising and the ingredients assembled when my cousin Mark arrived. He seemed awfully knowledgeable about pizza, throwing out specialized pizza terms which I had never heard and I’ll bet even Rebecca had never heard – and she has heard of everything. It turns out that he now has a job in a pizza parlor to supplement his massage therapist income. Well, maybe pizza isn’t such a treat for him, I thought sadly. But he took over, expertly doing what one does to pizza dough, helping prepare the various toppings, and assembling the final product. Then we discovered that there was no cookie sheet, so we had to make do with a broiler pan. But it worked well, we enjoyed ourselves, and everyone seemed to enjoy the results. Oh, I mean everyone except for my aunt Dakki, who doesn’t like mushrooms, doesn’t like bell peppers, doesn’t like pizza altogether, and who suspected that there were cucumbers (which she also doesn’t like) in everything. We had made some very plain pizza for the Stephen Kekoa and Miranda (pictured here) and Dakki was somewhat happy with that.


rebecca said...

Poor Dakki! You'd better find out and document the pizza jargon!

Knitman said...

I am not sure if I envy you or thank the lord I don't have such a large family. But it's clear you all love another so I guess I am envious. Even if you do keep posting pictures of carb laden food!