Sunday, May 17, 2009

A cramped day

The aunties and I are off to Hawaii, to visit the Hawaiian Guppies – my cousin and his family. The trip was as air trips are – not fun. Our usual carrier makes a stop and a change of planes in Honolulu, but the one we took this time is a direct flight to Kona. The drawback is that the plane is even more congested. One can barely move the lower extremities, as illustrated in picture one of our poor feet. I had worked the evening before, getting home at midnight, and I was supposed to be picked up at 0630. Rebecca, who is kindly staying with Margaret and Rachael while I am gone, was going to get up early and fix me a lunch and a cup of tea. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find my alarm clock. I set my phone for 0545, thinking this was getting up at the last minute, given that my tea would be ready, Margaret would have gone for her walkies, etc. Quell horreur! I woke up and there was Rebecca snoozing away next to me. I leapt up, made my tea, took Margaret out, and then even more quelle horreur, my aunt called at six to say they would be there in 5 minutes. Pandemonium! We flew around gathering my things, searching for my driver's license which I had put on a “safe place!” I found the license, but the careful reader will note that there is no mention of lunch. I had, however, presciently put a packet of graham crackers in my carry-on. These days, one purchases disgusting food at exorbitant prices on the airplane. My aunt Pauline brought HB eggs for us, and bananas. So I was okay in the breakfast arena. Later they set out their own lunches. Pauline’s is the first picture, and Dakki’s is the second. My response to lunch is pictured also. The little gastrointestinal emergency bag. Fortunately, I didn’t need to actually use it. I have in flights past. Once on a previous flight, as I was standing in the queue for the bathroom, the air hostess, noted that I looked green, and handed me a huge purple plastic bag. Not so lucky that time. This time, I managed to eat a few of Dakki's fig newtons, Pauline's pear, and was quite satisfied.

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Samos said...

What kind of sandwich is Dakki eating? :-)