Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another fun day

Many, many years ago, Rebecca and I used to go cross country skiing or hiking in some mountainous or swampy place nearly every week. When Rachael joined our family, this came to an abrupt stop. With a baby and no car, we were stuck in town. Not wanting to abandon our walks, we took to urban hikes – walks to fun places in Seattle. One of our favorite walks is from Capitol Hill where we live, to the University District. There are many possible routes, each with its own delights. My favorite includes both a mountain like path through a very hilly park, and a riparian walk through a swampish area nearly under the freeway. It is just perfect, passing through several very different environments, far enough for good exercise, but not so far that you are fagged when you get there. Then, since one has had such an invigorating morning, one feels quite justified in eating an outrageous amount of food at an all-you-can-eat buffet. The place we went yesterday is called “Flowers” because it is located in a former flower shop. The owners are from the Middle East, and this is reflected in the food which is quite eclectic, but with a Middle Eastern slant. The d├ęcor is pretty eclectic too, and along with the fabulous food, is another charming draw of this eatery. The table tops are all painted with magical scenes by one of the owners, and the ceiling is mirrored, so, looking up, you can see it all.
Important note: These French fries are without a doubt, the best I ever ate in my entire life.


rebecca said...

Those juncos were sure cute, weren't they?

joannamauselina said...

Yes, but not as cute as you.

Janet said...

You have given me more things to look forward to when we move from Dublin to Ballard later this year.