Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A disasterous day

A day of disasterlets! The big disaster – fleas! My Aunt Dakki is a tough old bird, and the fleas seem instinctively to know this, and so have been leaving her alone. Aunt Pauline and I, however, are evidently delectable. (See photo of Pauline's ankle below.) I have been forced to stoop to the use of Flea Spray! Yuck! The first time I did it, the little devils were unaffected, so yesterday I did it again, more thoroughly and concentrating on my favorite spot, the sofa, which seemed to be their command center. So far, so good. I haven’t seen one, nor do I have any new bites, but in situations like this, one’s ankles become hypersensitive and paranoid, so I keep thinking one is there.
The other disasterlet – I am out of library materials. I brought a bunch of 19th century German literature with me, thinking that in the quiet it would be just the ticket, but it is not the ticket at all. I had purchased one of my favorite Schiller plays and several other books specially for this trip, and then put them in an out of the way place, and of course, forgot them. The ones I brought are way too intellectual. There are times in life when trashy literature is requisite, and this is one of them. We are going to the library after breakfast, so all will be well then. I hope all will be well with our little long legged, unwinged enemies as well.
Yesterday evening, we went to Steven Kekoa’s class play, a musical revue showcasing famous scientists and important discoveries. The first picture is Kekoa looking a little disengaged, and the others are the class singing one of the many great science numbers – perhaps “Liquid, Solid, GAS!!” which seemed to be the hit of the evening. You can see Einstein in his signature hairdo in front. Kekoa played “Amazing Boy,” an apt role for him.

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