Friday, May 22, 2009

A sporty day

A Little League game! From what have we read in newspapers about the behavior of parents at these events, it seems that they often become wild beasts. With misgivings, I went with the family to the final game of Steven Kekoa’s season. He had broken his arm at a previous game, and has just been, as he says, “released” to play. So he was necessarily excited. I was not excited about witnessing potential parental rage. However, probably because this is Hawaii, the event was serene, and the object actually seemed to be to have fun, which, as I have been led to believe, is a thing of the past at most Little League games. Everyone was friendly and polite, even to cheering for accomplishments of the opposing team. After the game, there was a potluck with lots of Filipino and Hawaiian food. It was a very enjoyable evening – a happy surprise for me, as I am not usually a sports aficionado. At least I understand what the rules are in baseball, as I spent many miserable hours in high school PE classes slinking off to the sides trying to avoid play as much as possible, and being sneered at (along with my fellow despised maladroits) by a few viperfish classmates. Most other sports are a total mystery to me, and will, I am sure, remain so to the end of my days.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun :) The food sounds wonderful!