Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Medical Day (Feline)

Poor little Bunny wasn’t feeling well. Rachael didn’t want to take her to the vet herself, since if there were to be a bad diagnosis, Rachael did not want to collapse in sorrow in the relative public of the vet’s office.  Rebeca and I are quite used to sorrow at the vets, and in general, have learned to contain ourselves at least until we get to the car.  So we were assigned to take Bunny in for her appointment.

I mentioned to my Aunt Pauline that Rebecca and I were taking Bunny to the doctor the next day, and Pauline asked what Bunny’s symptoms were.  “Her main symptom is that she is grumpier than usual,” I told her.   “It’s a good thing you don’t have to go to the vet every time that happen to you!,”  Pauline said. I was offended, but Rebecca was  rudely amused.  

Bunny, as those of you who know her well are aware, can be a sweet and affectionate kitty, but, when feeling misused, can also be a bit of a terror.  At the vet, to my surprise, she was quite placid while they were taking her temperature, and we feared this might be a sign of a serious illness, but when the general exam began, Bunny objected quite loudly — one might even say, violently.  I was, I’m afraid, unmoved, but Rebecca, more tender hearted, felt sorry for Bunny, especially when the assistant got a special little red cat mask that covered Bunny’s eyes, and more importantly, her teeth.  She also got some huge leather gauntlets to guard against those talons.  Bunny was emphatic in her protests.  This reminded me of Michael Ryan, who when taken to the vet, always had to be taken into the back and be put in the stocks, while Rebecca and I waited in the reception area.  We, and everyone else in the building heard his shrieks of protest.  I was mortified and a little disgusted at such behavior, but when I looked at Rebecca, she had tears dripping down her cheeks.  She did love her naughty kitty.  I must add that at all other times, well - almost all other times, Michael was a well-behaved, loving kitty. 

All was fine with Bunny.  As to her back legs, she leapt, like Superwoman, over high exam tables and counters.  Once she heard the good news about her health, she was very relieved and anxious to get back into her carrier and be taken home.  

The  two Michael Ryans