Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An accomplished day

I have learned several valuable things recently, and I view them as accomplishments. The last time I was here, my cousin Mark, when driving us about, effortlessly whipped, tail first, into the all the parking spaces. I was in awe. I could only go in head first (and that with trepidation at times), but I vowed to remedy this. I tried to do it in the parking spot near our condo, with my Aunt Dakki standing by, saying, “A little to the right, straight back, a little to the left. Oops, you had better pull out and start over!” It was discouraging. Even more than discouraging, as once I nudged a stone wall which was quite a distance from the parking spot. Then during the year I practiced at the Cathedral. When I arrive for Family Kitchen and choir practice, the lot is usually pretty empty, so it is not a danger to my bumper -- or, more importantly, other people’s bumpers, to try. This year, I whisked right into the parking slot. Well, maybe “whisk” is an exaggeration. Not like my cousin Mark does, and not without misgivings, but I got in fairly competently in one try, at least.
I mentioned in a previous post that I had never peeled a pineapple, and didn’t know how to do it – which I have considered a serious lack in my list of accomplishments. Yesterday I purchased a pineapple to prepare for our dinner, but when confronted with its tough skin, and many bumps and ridges, I was flummoxed. I called Rebecca, who gave me explicit directions, and as you can see, I triumphed.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Did Dakki approve of the pineapple?

joannamauselina said...

She ate some at any rate. Although she grumbled about the salad before hand, saying, "Will there be anything I like in here?"

Lillian said...

Looks really good. The bright colors are appropriate for Hawaii! I hope you and Dakki are having a good time there.