Monday, May 11, 2009

A Happy Mother's Day

Rebecca and I usually celebrate Mother’s Day on some other day, because it seems as though one or the other of us is always working. Those babies keep coming, hips keep breaking, and knees wearing out, despite more important things like Mother’s Day. This year, we both were working, and so were barely able to say “Hi, happy Mother’s Day” on the phone. Nonetheless, I had a very nice day with a few happy surprises. First thing in the morning, the phone rang and it was Rebecca’s father (and my former honeybunch/spouse) calling to say “Happy Mother’s day!” I was delighted, because don’t hear from him that often, and enjoy it whenever I do. (Hint, hint, Dennis.) When Rachael and I got home from church, John, a friend who is working on my house and who is pictured here with his doggies, gave me this lovely salt and pepper thing. I was touched and thrilled. Any ideas about what the third little jar is for? It has a slot for a tiny spoon. I was delighted again. Then to work -- I initiated my new uniform dress and it was significantly less awful than I had expected it to be. When I arrived, I found that I had to float to another unit, not a happy discovery. However, that was pleasant as well. My patients were all nice, and several old friends were working there. Part way into the shift, one of the PCT’s (Patient Care Technician) from my unit, who knows I love cookies, brought me one. He came right into the patient’s room with a selection. I was really touched, and the patient was impressed with his kindness. It was way above and beyond. Just giving someone a cookie is super nice, but going up eight floors to bring someone a cookie is super duper-nice. And they were very yummy cookies! So, despite not seeing my baby girl, I had a great Mother’s Day. And I have another one to look forward to!


Samantha Hensch said...

Isn't it for sugar?

Miss Nobody said...

I'm glad you had a delightful day. I can't believe how well you vegetarians eat. But you would have been impressed... tonight as an appetizer before our burgers Corinna made us prosciutto-wrapped dates. Yummy!

rebecca said...

I think maybe it's for mustard.