Sunday, July 27, 2008

More of the pleasant day

When Rebecca was a baby, my friend Madeline and I went grocery shopping every Friday, and this was the highpoint of my week. Now that I am a working woman, I generally don’t really like shopping at all, and marvel that I once found it to be such an adventure. However, the last few days, I have been more or less confined to the house, and grocery shopping has exponentially gained in appeal. When saintly Suzanne came to visit Tom, she suggested that I might like to run some errands. Wow! A trip to the grocery store! I was thrilled. I visited my favorite grocery store, and this was a little sad because I usually go with Tom. We chat with our favorite checkout lady, and I was relieved that she was not there. She would have asked where Tom was, and I would have cried. But they had a deal on mangos, the true food of the goddesses, which that comforted me a bit. Yesterday, when Rebecca was here, I walked to Safeway to get some of the odd foods that Tom is craving. Since the last chemo, he does not like any of his usual favorites, and things that he used to reject now have appeal – i.e. Cocoa Krispies. (Ick!) He has always been a salty guy, and now he is a sweet guy – foodwise, that is. He actually has always been both of those things in daily life. On the way, I took some pictures to immortalize my trip. I saw lovely grasses, and this young man sitting on his front porch. He looks a bit crabby, but actually he was very pleasant, and told me that if I made a lot of money with his picture, I must share it with him. I told him, that it was unlikely that I would (make money, I mean.)


rebecca said...

Those were cute bees you saw--how'd you make them hold still for their picture?

FugueStateKnits said...

Joanna - my heart aches to hear the pain that sneaks in between your cheerful daily messages. Please know that I am praying for you and for Tom - but mostly for you now. In some ways he has the easier journey.
My heart goes out to you!

lillian said...

Hahah, that guy on the stoop was a good choice for a model i think!