Sunday, July 13, 2008

A really fun day

Wow! What a fun day! I had gotten tickets to The Mikado for Tom and I, but then his friends who are helping him move, selected that very day for the big event. On the principal that beggars can’t be choosers, he decided that he must take advantage of his kind friends' offers, and forgo The Mikado. So this was not a fun day for him, but a weary though rewarding one, as most of his things came to his new apartment in Seattle in one fell swoop. I can see that this is quite a weight off his mind, as moving, especially when one is ill and must depend on others for help, is a nightmare in the making. However, I was not moving, and I still had the Mikado tickets, so I callously invited my friend Kristen to use Tom’s ticket. We had a fabulous time. I am sure that even an inferior production of The Mikado would be fun to watch, but this production by the Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society was super scrumptious and splendid! The scenery looked like an ancient Japanese print, and in itself was worth the trip. The singing was wonderful, and the acting was brilliant, especially Koko – prancing about with his little list. He was both hilarious and adorable. (Query: are Koko and Don Giovanni the only opera characters with little lists, or are there more?) Parker Albin, the tenor playing Nanki-Poo, was a real sex kitten. If I were thirty years younger, I would be a groupie. He was a wonderful singer, handsome, and seemingly full of personality. And Cara Iverson, as Yum-Yum, when singing about being the most beautiful woman in the world, was quite believable. She was really beautiful. I saw an opera recently, in which the dainty sylph was going to throw herself off of a cliff because of her sorrows. We were all eagerly anticipating seeing how this would be done, because the sylph easily topped three hundred pounds, I am sure. Somehow, this made for significantly less verisimilitude.
The third picture is of an outdoor sculpture at Seattle Center. From afar, it looked like gigantic bamboo, and from closer up, a sort of combination of paper and stained glass windows, but on a really close inspection, it was solid pieces of metal painted with a stained glass window look.

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Samos said...

The first picture looks like George Bush! :-)