Thursday, July 17, 2008

An interesting day

I went outside to inspect our tomato plants and see if there were any blossoms yet, and what should I find but actual tomatoes!! Green, of course, but miraculous in that yesterday, they were not there, I am certain. Not even blossoms! I have been looking every day. It is amazing how those little fellows can sneak up on you. I took this photo to the hospital to show Tom and he was equally amazed and pleased. Later, as I was coming into the house, I called to Rachael that there was a package for her on the porch. I knew it was for her because they are all for her. She looked at it, and said it was for me. Hmmmmm, I wondered, what could anyone be sending me? Then I remembered that I had commissioned Rebecca to order me a cute radio to replace our kitchen radio which was on the verge of death. We couldn’t find another red one, but this one is sufficiently outrĂ© for my taste. I was excited and rushed to try it out, planning to initiate it with The Mikado. To my dismay, it didn’t work! However, I had just been cleaning a rug with my Shark, and I suspected that the Shark had overburdened its circuit. I called faithful Ken to see what to do about it, and he patiently explained circuitry to me. And so it did work after all, and the Gentlemen of Japan are singing now.
Tom is feeling much better today, and thanks you for your prayers.


rebecca said...

It's so cute! Why were you Sharking the rug? Was there something terrible on it?

joannamauselina said...

It was the rug in my bedroom. You know what the terrible things are. The clean part got cleaner, and the dirty part didn't, so now it looks worse!