Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An earthy day

Well, after the near tomatocide event and the near exhaustion digging event, there are some tomatoes planted in my garden. Tom came on Thursday and we were going to do the whole thing that day, but just the shopping was too much for us. (Any shopping at all is usually too much for me, and this shopping was particularly traumatic! See below for particulars.) So we dug a bit and were exhausted, and then I dug some more the next day and was exhausted. Then we were going to finish digging on Saturday. When Saturday came, I felt ill and so mainly watched the manly Tom dig. However, once again we were exhausted - him from digging, me from watching all that work. We still weren’t done, and so dug some more on Sunday. And of course were exhausted but exuberant. Now, I’ll wager that you are exhausted from just reading about it!
Here is a sweet little neighbor’s house which I discovered during all that digging – in the intervals when we stopped to look up and wipe the sweat from our brows, of course.


Rebecca said...

Are they still living there? You won't be able to prune your hydrangea!

Rachael said...

Just prune it! Who cares!