Friday, May 30, 2008

A glittering day

Rebecca arrived at the crack, the very crack of dawn for our outing today. The first thing I noticed was her vibrantly white shoes. Glittering as snowfall at noon. Being her mother, I felt compelled to point this out, and she assured me that she was quite aware of their whiteness, and that was why we were going for a walk in the Arboretum today – to break them of their glistening pallor. We would walk in the mud and grime and this would give them a more natural look. We did walk in the Arboretum, more specifically, the Japanese Tea Garden. It was as lovely as ever, but there was no mud to be found. So the shoes stayed white. We went to the garden store – no mud there, but we both got some nice plants, and then to a tea drinking establishment – none there either, but they did have yummy lavender buns and jasmine tea. We went to a far flung branch of the library where we found books that we don’t see at our usual branches, but as expected, no mud at all. Then we went to the Family Kitchen where we serve dinner to the neighborhood needy every Thursday, and who should one of the guests be but the creepy man. I wasn’t totally sure it was he, so I asked Rebecca to check out his shoes. She did. “They are remarkably white!” she said. It was him.
Incidentally, washing this huge pile of dishes did the trick on the shoes. They are still white, but a nice creamier white, no longer bedazzling the onlooker.

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Samos said...

I can't believe you went without me! So sad... :-/