Friday, May 30, 2008

A pleasant day!

A few weeks ago, my boss prepared a nice little party for a co-worker and I. We were celebrating our years of service at Virginia Mason – Jackie 30 years, and me 20. I suspected that there was going to be a party and worried about that dreadful cake with the whipped cream frosting that is so popular at these events. It always looks good, and I am again and again deluded into eating some and then I recall that I loathe it. I finish it anyway, and then feel bad that I have wasted all those calories on something that I actually find disgusting. There was no cake, but there were fruits, nuts, and some really beautiful cookies. The cookies were works of art, and I am sorry not to have a picture of them. The perfect menu for such an event, in my opinion. At the start of the party, Janet, our manager said that this would be a very efficient party – a two hour party in 10 minutes. That seems to be the story of nursing these days. No time to be wasted. Jackie and I were both quite pleased with our party and our awards. Later, Janet posted this picture on the board in our report room, with a notation, “Celebrating 50 Years of Service!” Later in the day, one of our PCT’s, an infant not yet thirty – possibly not even old enough to buy a bottle of wine, came up to me and asked, ”Are you really that old? To have been working here 50 years? What age did you start?” I patiently explained that the 50 years was the total of Jackie’s and mine. Later another one came up with the same question. I have been feeling old lately, but really! I attributed inability to rightly assess a person’s age to their youth and innocence. Then a few days ago, a physician approached me in the hall. “I saw this sign,” she said, “and I was wondering……..”


Samos said...
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Samos said...

I can see why people were confused. You both look like spring chicks, so, a "50 years of service" sign must have be confusing to all the people who had assumed you were both in your 40s. I remember Jackie, and I must say I'm shocked at 30 years!!! Time flies. I can't believe I myself have now been a nurse for 14 years! Which, of course, means you and I have been friends (etc) for about 15 years... Wow! :-)

SaRi said...

You have been tagged. Details on my blog.