Friday, May 9, 2008

A frustrating day

Right now I am frustrated because a cuddly cat is lying across the arm with which I am trying to type. But that is neither here nor there. It’s business as usual. Why have I been frustrated? It is all my own fault, and the true cause is my own laziness. I have to prepare morning treats for my choir on this upcoming Sunday, and this is somewhat of a competitive event. Rebecca has been the acknowledged champion in previous years, and she is working those days, and so won’t be able to help. She has made suggestions and has given me her recipes, but I have never made any of them before, and I am a slow cooker (I don’t mean a pot, but a person!) How will I ever get it all done on time? I am so upset, that fear has cast me into a state of inaction. In years previous, the two of us have cooked for the two days prior! I have to work today, and I haven’t even done the shopping! I went to my favorite grocery store and got much of what was wanted, including these lovely peppers. They sell everything by the each, and there was no scale. I couldn’t believe it! I got what I thought might be enough, and went about whimpering from store person to store person, and finally the vegetable man said that he thought there was a cheese scale in the back. And, indeed, there was. I did not have even half the amount needed, so it is a good thing I didn’t guess. When I finished there, I should have gone to TJ’s and completed my shopping, but I was not up to it. I thought it would be much easier to do it when I was out and about after choir practice. Then the huge amount of groceries would be divided into two loads. However, on my way home late last evening, I went to Trader Joe’s to get the rest of my supplies, and the Trader was closed. Aaaaaaaaak! Someone was shutting down his power because of nearby construction, and he closed early. Now I will have to be a dynamo on Saturday, and I don’t have much dynamism within me. I shall have to pray really hard to St. Martha to get me through this. As you can see in this picture , Martha is looking a bit testy about having to do all that cooking, and that is just how I will look tomorrow!

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