Monday, May 5, 2008

A weary day

I have done nothing but work and clean house since I got back. I haven’t done a drop of knitting or reading. It is sad. Tomorrow is a day off, and I am going to mow the lawn. That is even more sad.

On a somewhat happier note, here is a bit of knitting for my soi-disant knitting blog which never has any knitting in it. I started this glove quite some time ago, and became discouraged because it seemed to have great potential for ugliness and promised to be too small as well. I let it lie fallow for a while, and then took it to Hawaii with me, and determined to finish at least one glove. I finished it in short order, and would have started the second one, but I couldn’t remember how to make the herringbone border. I have to confess that I didn’t try awfully hard to remember because I was so ambivalent about the whole project. Now, whether to bother making the second one at all is my question. It is indeed snug, but not uncomfortable. I could tell early on that it was going to be too small and so I added some rows of dots above the main pattern. These dots are called something disgusting like “lice,” but I don’t remember exactly what. The knitting seems a little sloppy. Since the directions were in Japanese, I had to guess about a lot of things, and had no idea what the recommended yarn was. I used some Regia Vier Fadig which I purchased years ago to make some chickie Easter decorations from “Anna.” Perhaps somewhat fatter yarn would have been better. What do you think?


Nancy said...

Found your blog through KBTH. I might suggest you find Terri Shea's book "Selbuvotter" with Norwegian gloves and patterns from the northwest museum here in the States if you wish to make Scandinavian gloves. If you are ambiguous/unhappy with this glove, you aren't ever going to be happy with it. IMHO.

Terri said...

Perhaps you are being too critical of yourself as this glove looks fabulous. I agree that Selbuvotter is an excellent reference.
Also found your blog through KBTH.
Well done, IMHO.

Hoc Age said...

One of the discoveries Terri Shea found when she was studying the old mittens for her book Selbuvotter, is that there were quite a few mistakes in the knitting. There was a variety of skill levels. There also was a lot of customizing and design adjustments.
I knitted a pair of gloves from her book, it took me 3 tries to make adjustments for sizing. There is a wide variety of hand sizes and shapes, no one pattern is going to work for majority of people.
When I am knitting gloves, I try them on for sizing at different stages of knitting, like after the cuff and half way up the palm. Nanette Blanchard, an avid glove knitter has resources on her web site "Knitting in Color" for glove knitting that might be a help for you.

Laritza said...

The glove is lovely. Why not knit the second one?

Rebecca said...

I think it looks nice. You should make the second one and give them to me, since I have such dainty hands!

Lorri said...

I love the glove. Have you tried blocking it yet? That might even it out and make it a little bigger. If you have a friend with smaller hands, it might make a great gift also. I would be quite happy to receive a glove like yours.