Friday, March 21, 2008

A disappointing day

I look forward all year to Holy Week, and Holy Thursday in particular. This has been one of my most favorite services since I was in grammar school. I told you how droopy I was on Wednesday. I attributed this to work and to not sleeping, but actually it seems to have been the beginning of a bad cold. I am snuffling, coughing, and generally feel horrid. I couldn’t go to Holy Thursday, and am going to miss the Good Friday service (today) as well. This service at St James is truly beautiful and one of the most moving I have ever participated in, (and also not too long.) My meager consolation was that I could work on the glove I had tried to start earlier. I purchased this Japanese knitting book, because many the folks in my on-line group were doing Japanese knitting and assured everyone that the charts were enough. Well………. The primary charm of this book was these gloves, and the primary charm of the gloves was the braided cast on. I spent three hours trying to figure out how to do it, as the instructional pictures were incomprehensible on their own. I tried finding a tutorial on line, but no luck. Part of finding things on-line is knowing what to call them. My friend Ana was confident that we could figure it out, or if not, find directions. So, I tried again and actually did find a tutorial here. Once the braided beginning and the flowery wrist border is done, they go rather quickly. It may be another story when I try to do the fingers without any words to help me along. Wish me luck!

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