Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A shopping day

I planned to go to the cooking supplies store and get a container for salad dressing – one that could stay in the refrigerator and then come to the table. Rebecca and I met at the library so we could have afternoon tea, and she opted to help me pick out a salad cruet, or whatever those little things are called. We found some nice ones for $49, and then an equally nice one for $6. I got a green topped one, see picture, and she got an orange topped one. “O look, Annie," she said," there is a real bargain on pressure cookers. You could use another one, and this one is bigger than the one you have.” A bit later, “Look, there is just what you need for serving soup. A tureen and cute little bowls. And they exactly match your kitchen!” Of course I am a so easily swayed. So my $6 item ended up costing me twenty times that! But I am looking forward to pressure cooking some nice soup this weekend. And serving some new sort of salad dressing in my nice little container.

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