Saturday, March 8, 2008

A dubious shopping day

Rebecca wanted to go on a fun outing - an urban hike to somewhere in the city, but I was desperate to get a new camera, as the one I have had for the last three years is showing signs of developing a diva personality, refusing to perform unless the situation is exactly to its liking. I checked on the web, and Costo apparently had the one that the New York Times told me to buy, so I convinced her to go there with me to get it. For the entire trip, my bladder was screaming. On the way, we stopped at the Viet Wah, which has possibly the grossest bathrooms in the state of Washington, and hence unusable, and then and half way there we had to stop to wait for a verrrrrrrry loooooong train and I noticed that we were quite low on gas. Rebecca wanted to get gas before Costco (and ergo before the blessed Costo bathrooms), but I knew that this was definitely not an option. Who knows what delays one will encounter in getting gas. It could take a really long time, with the lines, the frustrating equipment and all. Usually, I go to my beloved Hilltop Service Station where they clean your windows, check the fluids, and give your dog a biscuit. However, we got Costco gas which one has to pump oneself - always a frightful ordeal for me. Rebecca usually manages the credit card and I manage the gas. She claims that she is unable to do the gas pump. I am skeptical about this because I know that I would claim that too if it were an option for me. Her father had this same inability. Pumping gas is so repellent that even macho pride could not overcome his repugnance.
Well, Costco did not have my camera, nor did it have what Rebecca wanted, so the whole trip was a bust except for the gas.
We did make some delightful purchases in the Viet Wah, although my bladder sucked the initial pleasure out of them. Today, I am seeing them in a more positive light. Here is a NewYear's Rice Ball, and the "Cooking Joy"- a container for one's work lunch. I was so excited about my salad and its many ingredients in their new plastic pockets that I forgot to take the salad dressing. This was a disappointment, but the salad was good anyway, and my Cooking Joy was fun to use at work. My co-workers were all amazed by it, and by the nice plastic plate (also from Viet Wah) I use for my work dinners.
Rebecca ordered the camera on line, so actually, the day was successful except that we didn't feel successful and we didn't get exercise as in the original plan. Oh well.

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