Monday, March 31, 2008

An exciting evening!

Wow! And double Wow! For years, I thought I wasn’t interested in seeing the movie Cabaret. First off, it all seemed a bit depraved and tawdry. I am not a prude (my daughter, granddaughter, and even the folks at my job would all no doubt disagree) but I hate nightclubs, even in movies. They just seem so oppressive. And Nazis are, of course, even more oppressive. I didn’t care for Liza Minelli, even though I had never seen her in anything. It was that eye makeup. Shades of Harriet Miers! I felt that I couldn’t enjoy watching that eye makeup. Well, Rachael’s favorite movie is Cabaret, and she persuaded me to watch it with her. Now it is not my top favorite movie, but it is definitely high on the list. I could not believe Liza Minelli - what incredible talent! She seemed superhuman. But I just didn’t think it would be that special onstage. How could the magic of Minelli be reproduced, and how could it be good without that? So, when my online German newsletter announced a contest for Cabaret tickets – a drawing really, since all you had to do to enter was know the name of the Kit Kat club – I was going to ignore it. But Rachael said, “Enter it, enter it. When you win, we can go!” I entered and thought no more about it. Meantime, Rachael bought tickets for herself and her adorable friend Lillian. When the email announcing that I had won came, I was disappointed that Rachael already had tickets and I couldn’t give them to her. The only thing to do was to go, but with whom. Rachael already was going. My friend Ana is a huge fan of musical theater, and is fun to go places with, so she was the obvious choice. After the show, we were both stunned. It was beyond fabulous! All red and glittery and lightening exciting. The emcee was played by Nick Garrison, and – dare I say it? – he topped Minelli in a thrilling and incredible performance! We left the theater babbling about how wonderful it was, and kept up on the same theme all the way home. And as you can see, I am still babbling about it!


Rachael said...

Top Liza?!?! I don't think so. I'm glad you liked it, though.

Lillian's always the 'adorable friend.' Where's my adjective??

lillian said...

I'm really glad Rachael made you a big fan of Cabaret

I hope Nick Garrison goes to Broadway and wins a Tony!