Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A shopping day

This was not really a shopping day, but a sick day with an expedition out for emergency provisions. Prodded by Rebecca, I crawled from my sick bed and we went to Grocery Outlet. This is the favorite grocery store of Rachael, her adorable friend Lillian, Rebecca, Tom, me, and most of our friends. Only one person I know does not like it, and this is related, he says, to his eccentric father and a horrible childhood gastronomic memory. I have never heard the true – or actually any - story, and I am very curious. Rebecca just alludes to it, but it is shrouded in mists. Anyhow, Grocery Outlet is a funky, friendly store in our neighborhood. Grocery Outlet is a chain, but ours is funkiest and best. The one in Tom’s neighborhood is not funky, and not a favorite of anyone. The funkiness is essential. Apparently it buys up rejects or outdated items from non-funky stores, and sells them at fabulous bargain rates. There are many very odd foods as well as non-food items. Last time I went, there was a table with CD’s, mostly Gospel or Country Western. The next time, the table was gone. On some days, there is a hot dog stand with a vendor whom Rachael and Lillian love. Once I got Jacob’s Cream Crackers, my most high favorite, and only bought four packs. The next time, they were gone. One must act quickly at Grocery Outlet. A few months ago, I was making a macaroni dinner for Ana and Rachael, and suddenly I had no macaroni. I went to Grocery Outlet, and the only macaroni was tennis rackets. Rachael is a very sensitive eater (remember the poppy seeds in the rice), and had a difficult time eating tennis rackets, but she soldiered on, since the overall dish was good despite odd macaroni.

In addition to a passion for Jacob’s Cream Crackers, graham crackers (must be Honey Maid!) are also my favorite cracker. It is possible for them both to be favorite crackers, because they fill completely different cracker niches. Only a true crackerphile will understand this. And I love ginger. What a find these were. They had a high awfulness-potential, but on the other hand, they might be wonderful, combining two of my top foods. They appear to be a seasonal treat, so I probably will never see them again either. Well…….. I tried them and they are …. Wonderful! Super Yummers! Will I ever be able to have more? One can only hope, and scour the aisles of Grocery Outlet.


lillian said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Barb said...

Where is this delightful outlet? Barb

joannamauselina said...

Union and MLK in the Central District