Thursday, March 6, 2008

A wooly day

This Nancy Bush glove design from Meg Swanson’s Gathering of Lace is my top favorite glove pattern. I originally made the gray pair in leftover Satakieli, a Finnish yarn, which is recommended in the pattern. Meg had suggested this lovely yarn for the Bavarian socks I knit Rebecca a year or two ago. They are her favorite socks, she says, partly because of the yarn which is firm but soft, and partly also because of their Bavarianity. I had sufficient yarn for the gloves left, and this was a happy thing. I made another pair in alpaca as a Christmas present. Subsequent to that, I heard bad things about alpaca’s stability, but my friend has been too polite to tell me if her gloves grew and grew. I have now done one and a half pair of these green gloves, also of leftover sock yarn - this time Knitpicks. Actually, I purchased the yarn years ago to make socks, then was desperate to make Rebecca some fingerless gloves for Christmas – no time to get special yarn, and so I used partly the solid green and partly some self-striping sock yarn, again leftover. These too were a great success. Perhaps she will let me take a picture of them one day, as they are sort of cute. You can see another pair of gloves from leftover sock yarn here. Scroll down a ways past the sweaters.

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