Friday, March 14, 2008

A not very interesting day

Well, I looked at the directions to my camera and it was total gobbeldy gook. I need instructions which say “Press this button to turn the camera on; press that button to take a picture.” I was rather upset, and tried to figure it out based on the old camera, but could not. This one is totally different. I couldn’t even turn it on, in fact. Defeated, I looked through the box again for quick-start directions (for the 25th time) and finally found them between the Vietnamese and Somali directions, or so it seemed. I took camera and directions to my favorite place, my bed, thinking that I would practice taking pictures of my foot. The first picture I took with my previous camera was of Lila, who was old and ailing, and died about three days later. I am a superstitious person, and so I did not want to take a picture of one of the vermin as it might bode ill. In a former life I bought a huge bag of dog food for one of my darlings, and he died shortly thereafter, so I never again bought large bags of dog food, thinking that it might be bad luck.

This is my first picture, not of my foot after all, and not too attractive either, of the pair of gloves I finally finished. One of the fingers is oddly longer on one hand – perfect for rude gestures. I don’t know how that happened, as I kept trying them on and on I started the finger end half way up my fingernail on each finger. I am very pleased with them anyway, and the long finger seems fine when I have them on.

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