Sunday, May 25, 2008

A doggy day

When Rebecca moved into her new apartment, she was not allowed to have dogs, and also, she works twelve hour days – not conducive to doggy happiness. So, she sadly relinquished custody of Margaret to Rachael and I. This was traumatic for both Rebecca and Margaret, I think, because I often felt that Rebecca loved Margaret better than her own mother (me), and Margaret definitely loves Rebecca best. She is ecstatic whenever Rebecca comes to visit her or when we have occasional outings together. I was sitting in the kitchen thinking about this, and feeling guilty because I do not shower the attention on Margaret that her mother Rebecca does. I feed her, walk her, pet her, let her sleep in my bed, cuddle her in the night, but it is not the same. Michael the cat is my boy and I think Margaret suspects this. Anyhow, I was feeling guilty, so I decided to thoroughly brush Margaret in order to assuage my guilt. I don’t think Margaret thought this was adequate atonement, but nonetheless, the results were astonishing. As you can see, there is enough hair to make another whole dog. Michael is unimpressed!


Rebecca said...

What's Mikey doing there? Is he falling off the table?

joannamauselina said...

No, I think he is cleaning his nails, pretending not to notice that Margaret is the center of attention.

Samos said...

Its that time of year... My cats are shedding a lot too. Obviously, you should save all the hair and knit Rebecca a hat for Christmas! :-)