Sunday, May 18, 2008

A devilish hot day

Yesterday was fiendishly hot! The main agenda item for the day was purchasing and planting infant tomatoes. This had seemed like a good idea earlier in the week when it was cool, if not raining. However, yesterday the weather was lovely at dawn, and this always bodes ill for the afternoon. We got a late start, and then I was whiney about even going to the tomato plant store because I knew it would hideously hot, there would be nowhere to park, and the staff would be snotty. (This latter impression lingers from when the place opened thirty years ago and was manned by a bunch of viragos who for some reason did not like me, although they all fawned over Rebecca. They are totally different people there now, but some things smart forever!) To my dismay, after all my whining and negativity, there actually was a place to park and the staff was pleasant and helpful, but, since it was late in the day, relatively speaking – those gardeners are earlybirds – the tomatoes we wanted were mostly gone. So I cleverly said, “Let’s wait till Thursday when the weather will be nice and we can get an early start.” Always put off till tomorrow what you can’t bear the thought of doing today. We made yummy soup – minestrone verde – a soup which I like to make when the first spring vegetables appear. We had tomato salad with it. The tomatoes, which looked lovely in the store and cost a fortune, were pretty pallid. This makes me eager to get those tomato plants going even if the weather is furiously hot. There re few things tastier than a nice tomato.
My friend had cajoled me into to being an usherette at an Opus 7 concert last evening. Because of the above (horrid weather, whiney ennui, etc.) I was not very enthusiastic about venturing out, but since I had said I would help out, I flogged myself (and Tom who didn’t need flogging) out the door. The concert was beyond fabulous! It was entitled “Spring Folly” and was supposed to be witty. Well, it actually was quite witty. There were pieces ranging from Thomas Morley to Britten and Ives and on to never before heard pieces. This group sings unbelievable harmony with perfection. Their choice of music is always tasteful and interesting. If you ever have a chance to hear them, grab it firmly.

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Samos said...

What a great photo! It really makes me want to be invited over for a nice meal... :-)