Friday, May 23, 2008

An incredibly klutzy day

As noted earlier, Tom and I planned to get an early start with our tomato planting. My initial klutziness involved sleeping till nine, and even then being unable to get myself moving so that much of our shopping and digging time was used by me dithering around. We finally arrived at the tomato store, found our tomato plants, paid for them, and as I was putting the tomatoes into the car, they suicidally leapt from the box onto the floor of the car, with a flourish of dirt, breaking half of their little necks. I could not believe it. It was really as though they had a life (beyond their generally acknowledged planty life) and a will of their own! I asked the staff person if they were guaranteed at least until the got into the car, and she said they were, so happily for me, they were replaced. I have now finally gotten over my negative feelings about the folks in this establishment. We also got huge bags of cow poop, and heavy, heavy kitty litter – the latter not related to our gardening. When we got home, I parked in front of the house so we could carry our burdens in more easily. As I was pulling up onto the grass verge, I stepped on the accelerator rather than the brake and the car lurched forward, not hitting anything, but scaring Tom badly. Oddly, I remained calm and was rather unmoved by this misadventure. Fortunately, we missed the tree that had been directly in front of us, no doubt by my clever maneuvering and stepping on the brake. We then decided to have oatmeal to stoke ourselves up for the ordeal of digging. I was bringing the butter to the table in my nice little glass butter container with the picture of a cow on it, when the lid of it too leapt out of my hand and threw itself onto my cup. I was stunned. Fortunately, my cup (of which I am very fond) was chipped only, and not totally ruined. By now, I was nervous about what would happen at the Family Kitchen with all those knives with which I could cut myself, but everything there went smoothly. Afterwards, I realized that I had forgotten my choir book. This is a major offence and usually the cause of humiliation, but my friend Barbara, the choir librarian, had an extra for me to use so that I didn’t have to rush home and fetch it. Our choir was making a recording, and this meant that we had to stand incredibly still for minutes at a time (harder than it sounds) and not rattle our pages of music when we turned them. During the final run through of one of the songs, I had the most terrific urge to cough. This happens to me at such inopportune times – like whenever I go to the opera. I was red in the face with tears dripping down as I valiantly tried to suppress the cough and not make a noise. After the take, Jim, the choir director, who is preternaturally aware of everything that is going on, looked at me and said, “You can cough now,” and told the group that I had been a martyr of restraint. I got home and to bed safely and without further mishap. Oh--- actually there was another mishap involving the terrible man mentioned several days ago, but that story is for another day!
I have hopes that today will be better, as it is noon and nothing bad has happened yet.

These pictures are from the day in the park with Samos. He took the one of me which I like, because I don’t really show.

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Samos said...

Amazing how we could have so much fun in just a couple of hours! I can't wait to go back again...