Monday, July 7, 2008

A Saturday sort of day

For years, Rebecca made us scones or some other yummy treat every Saturday morning. After she moved into her own digs, I did this for a few Saturdays, but since I fetch Tom at the ferry at just the time I would be tending to the scones, I soon gave up the practice. Rebecca’s scones - pronounced “scahns” if one is pretentious, which of course we are – were always delicious, and somewhat different every Saturday. I asked about her recipe, and it was, “throw in a bit of this, and a bit of that,” so, as Tom was already there and I didn’t have to fetch him, I did just that. I threw in some self-rising flour – the one constant in Rebecca’s recipe, a bit of butter, a bit of yogurt, a bit of milk, a handful of currants and chopped candied ginger. They were quite tasty! Dare I say as good as…….. No, I daren’t. Nothing is a good as Rebecca’s Saturday morning treats, but these were yummy nonetheless. And we had good company, our friend Ward, his bride Jeanie, and my sainted aunt, so it was all in all, a very pleasant morning. I might add, lest you be falsely impressed, that the nearly completed crossword puzzle is left over from Wednesday. We were not up to a Saturday one that day, and so found one from the archives. The other sweet looking furry person here, is Maria, who is actually not very sweet at all. She is haughty, and loves only her mother Rachael and Tom. She disdains everyone else. Michael, who actually is sweet, was not sweet that day, but bit Ward and had to be banished to the basement.

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rebecca said...

Poor Mikey! Nurse Val's real impressed with your blog