Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A horticultural day

About fifteen years ago, my friend Tina had very nice plant arrangements in large ceramic planters on the tables at her wonderful wedding. As mother of a special friend and also as the organist, I got to take one home. I managed to keep the plants alive for a longer time than the marriage stayed alive (about 10 years, which is quite a while as marriages seem to things go these days.) Tina and her husband were pleased every time they came to my house and saw the plant thriving. Finally, however, feeling the effects of my absolutely not-green thumb, the last of the plants in the arrangement bit the dust -or bit the potting soil might be more apt. About that time, I was the confirmation sponsor for another friend’s daughter, and she gave me a plant as a thank you favor. I put it into the bowl vacated by the wedding plant. While I could not say that this plant thrived, it did not actually die, but soldiered wanly on. Then suddenly this year it spread its spindly arms, and parts of it flourished. Unfortunately, the proximal portion of the plant stayed spindly and weak while distal portion grew robust. It was very odd – a wispy stalk evolving into a hearty succulent vine-ish thing at its end. As was bound to happen, the wispy stalk finally gave way and the flowery end fell off. I don't remember the name of the plant, except that it has something to do with bells - as one might expect after seeing the flower. I saw the other flowers on my walk to the grocery store a day or so ago.
Update: Tom is weaker each day, and tires after very little exertion - even just talking for a moment or two, but he is still comfortable.

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rebecca said...

What a cute flower! If you could remember what it's called, you could find out the best way to propagate it.