Monday, July 14, 2008

A delicious day

Rebecca cooked a phenomenal dinner for the aunties and me last evening. It was ruddy and handsome to behold, and extraordinarily delicious. But that was just what one would expect with a Becca cooked meal. She made a mysterious grain/pasta dish which had – I guess actually no grain – but couscous and orzo or some such, and teensy garbanzo beanlets. And then lots of tasty vegetable matter to give it the final exquisiteness. There was a beet salad – those are red beets and yellow beets, and a turnip – and a pepper salad, one of my favorites - all prepared to perfection. For dessert she made rhubarb soup with strawberry coconut sorbet. And let us not forget the bread, by which we do not live on alone – or I guess I should say live alone on – or… At any rate, one could live on this alone. Rebecca said it took three days to prepare, and there were many possible pitfalls in its preparation – any one of which would spell culinary disaster. As expected, she avoided them all and the bread was super. We ate the whole loaf. It was a dinner fit for queens, and here are two of the auntly queens enjoying it.


rebecca said...

What cute aunties! I hope they liked their dinner.

Samos said...

What taunting!!! Its bad enough I never get to eat Rebecca or Joanna cooked meals anymore, but now I actually have to look and see what I'm not able to have! Its sooooo sad!!! ~_~