Sunday, July 27, 2008

A pleasant day

First off, Tom and I are really grateful for the prayers and kind thought you have been sending our way. The prayers and goodwill of others are very strength giving.
Yesterday, Rebecca was very strength giving in a more immediate way. She cooked a magnificent dinner, most of which Tom could not eat, but I managed to wrap myself around it quite nicely. Tom had asked for watery bean soup, so Rebecca made a sort of vegetarian chicken noodle soup, seeing as chicken soup is a world renowned cure-all. She also served an amazing cherry focaccia, and we topped it off with some Vietnamese Coffee ice cream. This latter was a wonderful recipe in that it was delicious, elegant, and took about two minutes to prepare. The things Rebecca cooked were delicious, and elegant as well, but they were not two minute dishes at all. They were filled with the labor of love – lots of both, I am sure.

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lillian said...

that ice cream looks like it rocks. i heard from rachael your bread pudding was really really really good!