Friday, September 24, 2010

A sepia day

Not exactly sepia, but definitely tea toned. And what was the occasion? That was the very question that everyone who greeted us at Queen Mary’s Tea Room asked. This is definitely a “special occasion” place. And the special occasion was meeting Isolde Marisol, aged five weeks. Outside, the day was dreary and wet, but inside – not sunshine, but a remarkable glow of tea centric delights. Beautiful porcelain teapots, flowery teacups, silver tea equipment, a smattering of Flower Fairy ware. I have to confess that I am partial to Beatrix Potter creatures and Cicily Mary Barker‘s Flower Fairies. Both were amply represented. However, the comestibles were the thing. Starters were fruit sorbet and shortbread, working through to dainty sandwiches, pinwheels, tiny quiches, crumpets, scones, fruit breads, and of course, a huge selection of teas, served in silver service. This latter brought memories of the annual Mother-Daughter Teas at my high school. I viewed these events with very mixed emotions. They always had the potential of a pleasant afternoon with my mother, doing something elegant and fun. On the other hand, there were the ever vigilant eyes of the nuns, keeping a sharp watch for any slight breach of etiquette. One knew that one would hear about any lapse the next day, and probably in front of one’s entire class. No nuns here, however – at least none dressed in the terrifying habits of my youth. Just delightful company. The guest of honor would have passed any nun’s most searching scrutiny. She smiled, slept, suckled a bit, and charmed the other ladies in attendance.


Laura said...

How very, very sweet! The delicate tea room setting seem to be a perfect place to introduce this new little one.

FugueStateKnits said...

What a lovely way to spend time in a tea house! And what a good baby:)