Friday, September 3, 2010

A medicinal day

Yikes! A friend from out of town has come to Seattle for a medical procedure and is staying with me. Dakki had surgery on her nose, and Samos, who fell off his skateboard just had surgery on his poor ankle. What is going on? Becca said, “You can set up a ward in your living room!” But no need. Michelle, who had fortunately gotten the day off work, and I offered support at the surgery center, and then she was able to take him home and nurse him in his own environment. Dakki took care of her own nose, and Mary (the out of town friend) is still in the hospital. So my little ward is empty except for Margaret and me. And both of us feel fine.

Samos actually had his skateboard debacle more than a month ago. At that very time, I had two patients who were skateboard victims, both seemingly much worse than Samos. They were friends and were staying in the same room. Samos was getting by with just one of those plastic boots that injured folks wear now, while these other two needed much more extensive surgery and care. But his malleolus didn’t get better, and in fact, got worse. So it got wired shut yesterday. Not fun. As you can see, he looks quite chipper on the way into surgery, but less so on the way out. Actually, he looks fairly chipper in this picture, but it was a fa├žade. He was feeling awful, poor fellow! Now he has a cast, pain, and nausea. Let’s hope he is feeling better today.


Samos said...

I know everyone who reads this blog already knows that Joanna is an angel. It really helps to have friends to comfort a person during this sort of ordeal. I must say I do have a pretty brave face in this photo. A photo a couple hours later would have been much more pathetic looking I'm sure! Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Janet said...

Happy healing thoughts being sent your way Samos. Hope the pain is easing.

Laura said...

Ouch is right - that doesn't look like fun! Also wishing Samos a speedy recovery.