Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A fun henna day!

What a fun day! Samos’s Aunt Kree is an all-around artist, but in particular a henna artist. Her artwork is, completely accessible and wonderful, and encompasses all of life. She often made Samos exquisite little trinkets, sometime jewels, sometimes delightful little objets d’art that were just to have and love. I was always astonished at their simplicity and beauty. She used to (and probably still does) give Samos Christmas cookies, each one of which was a little jewel – an edible work of art. I was always amazed, couldn’t have borne to eat them. They were way too exquisite.
She has been doing henna for years, and her recent art in other media shows this influence. She and a friend have put on an exhibition of contemporary art inspired by henna design.

I was unable to attend the opening, so yesterday, she gave us a guided tour of the exhibit (which will only be up for a couple more days.) I have to confess that this astonishing doll by Marina Bychkova, and Kree’s work were my favorites. Kree had several pieces which not only incorporated henna design, but which also incorporated bats and lizards. I have to also confess that I love both bats and lizards. I think I inherited this from my mother, who used to shepherd any lizard which got into our house into the corners or under things so that my father would not find them and then do you-now-what to them. He, I think, was not such a fan of lizards.


rebecca said...

Here's a cookie

Laura said...

Beautiful!! I wish I had been aware of this exhibition. I need to pay more attention to what is out there.

Samos said...

That's awesome finding the cookie picture Rebecca! :-)