Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A delightful doggy day

As I said in the previous issue (do blogs have issues? Entries? Posts? ~ I guess they have posts.) Anyway as I said in the previous whatever, I rode to the golf course with my fellow chorister John and his wife Peggy. On the way, we stopped off at their house, and I met these two charming characters. They are Leah and Dashiel, and they are adorable. All loving wiggle and endearing waggle! A couple of bon vivants, delighting in the finer things of life like ear rubs and delighted caresses.

Their mom, Peggy is a quilter, and has created some really beautiful examples of the needlewoman’s art. Unfortunately, the pups knew just where to be for a photo op, but the quilts didn’t. The light wasn’t good enough to do them justice. Here is one of my favorites, in a photo which is lacking in the simple beauty of the original.


Laura said...

The dog picture is fabulous. I thought it was a painting when it first opened. What a couple of models! And it is a very lovely quilt.

Janet said...

Beautiful quilt. I love to think about and view quilts but I don't really have any inclination to produce one.

That handsome dog makes me rethink the cat vs. dog issue. We will probably get a cat and continue to yearn for a dog.