Sunday, September 26, 2010

A fun evening with wonderful company

Rebecca and Rachael used to play battleship on the computer. Clickiey-clack, clackity-click, and they had gotten all the enemy ships – in seconds! I tried several times, but it was too anxiety producing and I seldom got anything at all in the allotted time. I much prefer the sort of computer game where you can serenely stare at the screen and decide what to do next, taking all the time you need. Like Spider Solitaire. Or Skat with the mice. Soooooothing. I didn’t know that there was a real battleship game to play with real people. When it came up from the basement, I was prepared for stress and failure, but it is lots more fun. I didn’t even actually loose, because we both so cleverly hid our ships that we ran out of white pegs before anyone won. So, a colorful and delicious dinner, prepred by chef Corinna, followed by soothing games.

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