Monday, September 27, 2010

A music filled day

Yesterday, the Cathedral Women’s Schola, my ladies only (as implied it its title) evening Mass choir, had a day long retreat to begin the choir year. After singing at the ten o’clock Mass, we met at The Palisades, a retreat house run by the Archdiocese. The setting could not have been more beautiful, nor the weather more perfect. At least, I – a dreary day lover - thought the weather perfect. The rain was pouring down until the moment we arrived, and then started up again as we were getting into our cars in the evening. The in-between time was misty, cloudy sweater weather, i.e., the best! We arrived a little early, admired Puget Sound, took peeps at some lovely borage, and walked around the Labyrinth. This is supposed to be a meditative exercise, but just having come from Mass and expecting more meditative events during the day, we were meditated out. So we just enjoyed the walk and chatted about labyrinths in general.

The day was a great success – wonderful camaraderie, beautiful singing, inspiring talks by Jim, our leader, and lots of swallows.


Marta said...

Love your photos and comments. So happy the retreat was a joy. You who do double duty deserve some special time.

Laura said...

Looks like a lovely northwest rainy day retreat!