Saturday, September 4, 2010

A better late than never day

We had a fun little birthday celebration for Ken today, and I just realized that we didn’t sing “Happy Birthday.” We also exchanged Christmas presents from last year. Pretty goofy, eh? Maybe the thrill of presents drove singing to someone else out of my mind. How could we have waited so long on our presents? Somehow, there was just always a reason to put it off the present exchange. The big reason was that they were not done yet, but there were other little reasons along the way.

Our lunch was lovely. I made baked spaghetti -- mundane, but always good, and not conflicting with any of the many food issues of the guests. Becca made two salads - an avocado and beet wonder, as well as a cucumber cilantro delight. Ana made two cakes, one for chocolate lovers and one for the gingerbread set. It looks like I got off easy with only one dish.


Laura said...

Your celebrations always look delightful. The most delicious looking food and now Christmas in Septmber! Are you working on the Christmas to come projects?

joannamauselina said...

Not yet. It is not my style to ever begin anything on time.

Janet said...

I'm sure Susan and the 2 daughters would love to know your recipes. They are keen to make an apple pie with grandad - big shopping expedition tomorrow to get ingredients.