Sunday, September 5, 2010

A laid back day

It is a happy thing to have a visit from a long time friend who has moved away. Our friend Mary (mother of Rebecca’s first boy friend and former boss of Dakki) is here from Oregon for doctor visits. She and Dakki are chums, so Dakki came for dinner. It was a really a meal in minutes – and, unlike my usual meals in minutes, this time it really was in minutes – polenta from Trader Joe’s, with Mozzarella, also from Trader Joes, thrown together tomato sauce and fruit salad. And the remainder of Ana’s cake for the finishing touch. A tasty dinner with fun company. What more could one wish?

Are you wondering, "Does anything ever happen at that house besides food?" Answer - "not much." We love to eat. And socialize!


Janet said...

Looks delicious.

Ian needs some tips on what to choose in the grocery store here when he wants the equivalent to what he likes to get in Dublin. We had planned to go to Trader Joe's today but got mired in Fred Meyer.

Knitman said...

It does indeed look tasty and colourful.

Laura said...

What could be better than to socialize while eating great food. You have lucky friends indeed!!