Thursday, September 18, 2008

A spendthrift day

I have been having a “nothing-to-blog-about” few days lately – mostly just working. On my day off, Rebecca wanted to go to Ikea, and I agreed to take her although I did not need anything from there. I so thoroughly planned to show restraint that I didn’t even take a shopping bag with me. I did not need one single thing, and the only money I was going to spend was to buy us lunch. We love Ikea lunch, especially the vegetarian lasagne – the best anywhere. I always have a terrible pang when I see the pickled herring – one of life’s little delights and one of my few vegetarian sorrows. As we rolled our cart along, Rebecca pointed out this and that which she was sure I really needed, and generally managed to convince me. I came home with a ton of stuff, and she was delighted at my downfall. I found a nice rug for Tom’s room to replace the $3 Ikea rug that was already there, and Rebecca found a nice medicine chest for my bathroom. This was something I really did need, as Rachael has a vast collection of facial and body potions. The cabinet we have, if it could even be called a cabinet, is quite minute. I went into the bathroom to imagine it in the spot where it was to be, and realized there was an electric outlet there. Boo! I got a very ugly but very utile bag for my choir book and choir necessaries (tissues, cough sweets, knitting, etc.), a special teapot for when Ana and I have flower tea, (“You got a special teapot for tea with one person???” Rachael asked incredulously. “No, it’s for a special sort of tea that I only drink with Ana!”), and this last little purchase, one of the prizes of the trip – what could that be? Why dog-walkies cleanup bags, of course.

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Anonymous said...

So when do we get to have yummy flower tea again? Your new teapot sure is cute.