Friday, September 5, 2008

Busy Bee Day

My friend Suzanne was going to come have lunch with me today, as was Rebecca, but Suzanne had an emergency and couldn’t come. I thought that was that, but Rebecca said we should have lunch anyway. So I fixed grissini which I had never made before, and barley soup which I have made often, and Rebecca made us a nice tomato and nectarine salad. The grissini were easy and fun. The cookbook said they would take about four hours, and that was pretty accurate. I mixed them up, let them flop around in the Kitchen Aide, then rise for an hour or so, and then I shaped them into sticks and cooked them. As you can see, they are rather cute, and were tasty.


Samos said...

They are cute! What cool bread! Did you like my Salal Mazurkas? :-)

rebecca said...

Were they a success at the party?

Lillian said...

Rachael said your bread sticks rocked. And they look like they did!