Sunday, September 14, 2008

A tearful evening

My friend Maria made me a CD of Tom’s funeral to send to his family, as they were unable to attend. It was playing in my car on my way home from the evening Mass, when the Hymn of Praise, Come Down O Love Divine, which Tom had selected began, and a welter of feeling overcame me. This hymn had special meaning for Tom and his partner Howard, organist at St. James until his death in 1992. The hymn brought thoughts of Tom, Howard and their much loved Dalmatian Fleurie. Shortly before Tom died, we were talking about Fleurie, and I mentioned that she would be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for him. Naturally, an intellect and theologian like Tom had never heard about the Rainbow Bridge. I first heard about it years ago when Rebecca and Ana were talking about how silly it was and were feeling a bit superior to anyone sentimental enough to put credence in such a thing. I agreed with them completely until the veterinarian send me a copy after the death of my little Cairn terrier Leslie. I opened the letter, read the Rainbow Bridge, and sneered no more. The thought of my little Leslie waiting there for me was such a comfort, and brought a soothing wash of tears. It was the same for Tom. He became quite excited at the thought of meeting Fleurie in the next day or two. “But what if she has already gone in with Howard?” he worried. “She won’t have,” I assured him. “She was mainly your dog, and loved you best. Anyhow, maybe she and Howard will both be there to greet you.” Tom seemed quite relieved at this, and the idea of the Rainbow Bridge brought him another bit of happiness. Not that he needed one. He was quite contented at the thought of his upcoming death, and was eagerly anticipating seeing Jesus face to face. Would that we all could meet death so.


rebecca said...

That is a sad story! You'd better stop listening to that CD in the car, as it would be terrible if you had a wreck because you couldn't see through your tears.

SaRi said...

I agree with Rebecca.