Monday, September 8, 2008

A frivolous day

Rebecca needed a new item of furniture – a sideboard for her CD player and various knickknacks, as well as a cupboard for more hidden matters, so we went to our current favorite furniture store to find her something. We had barely started examining their vast collection, when Rebecca said, “Lookit, Annie! The very chair for you!” I had to admit that it actually was the very chair for me, but my house is already overstuffed, to use chair terminology. I tried it out, and it was even comfortable. “There’s no place for it to go,” I objected. “Oh yes, there are lots of places,” she assured me. Well, I was fairly easily persuaded, but when we got it home, there really seemed to be no place for it to go. She was devastated, and offered to buy it from me, since she had convinced me that I needed it in the first place. I became determined to fit it in, but was foiled. Even Rebecca, the great squeezer in of one-more-thing, couldn’t figure out a good spot for it. All the spots she had imagined didn’t work for one reason or another. So we set it in the middle of the room and left to do some other thing. Later Rachael came home and said, “That chair sure is ugly. Why did you get it?” “Humpf,” was what I had to say. Later, I came downstairs, and she had put it in an excellent spot, and here it is. By the bye, Rebecca got a lovely Belgian sideboard with a marble top, and lots of mirrors and leaded glass. It will look great in her apartment.

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rebecca said...

That Rachael's sure clever!