Monday, September 8, 2008

A pleasant day

I had a dentist appointment today, and I took an awful picture of me with my mouth open and things sticking out of it, but I have not yet figured out how to get pictures from my cell phone to my computer, or I would show you. Or not – it is kind of embarrassing. After the dentist, Rebecca and I went for tea and crumpets. They put too much marmalade on mine, so I had to get another crumpet to use up the excess marmalade - very resourceful of me, I thought. Then we went to a cooking equipment store, and bought several gewgaws to enhance our cooking lives. I got a plastic onion to keep cellulose onions in and a new garlic press, as well as a very expensive pan in which I will fry tofu strips. Becca, who pointed out the plastic onions to me, later regretted not having gotten one for herself. I also got some posh “Happy Birthday” matches, but when I got home, happily picturing myself lighting the candles on the birthday cake, I realized that I do it in the privacy of the pantry and there would be no one there to admire them. Later, Rebecca made a fabulous dinner yet again. Unfortunately, Rachael was feeling ill, but she still managed to eat a bit. I managed to eat a lot. Here are the ingredients and the resulting gazpacho in Grandma Rossi’s TexasWare plates and bowls.

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rebecca said...

Look how the gazpacho just matches the Texasware!