Thursday, September 11, 2008

A shook up day

Yesterday morning, I was taking a walk to the grocery store, to get the fixings for dinner with Ana, and halfway there, discovered that the school yard through which I normally walk to get to the store, was locked up! I was pretty grumpy about this because it meant going about three blocks out of my way. I called Rebecca to grumble, but since she was at work, I grumbled to her voice mail. I stepped off the curb, and sort of collapsed to the pavement and landed in my knees and chin! What a shock that was! I examined my knees and hands for blood and there was none, so I sat down on the grass to recover and decide what to do. Call someone and get sympathy was the obvious thing, but Rachael didn’t answer her phone. I knew if I called my sainted auntie she would want to come get me and would make a satisfying fuss, but I didn’t really feel the need to be gotten, so I soldiered on. By the time I got to Trader Joe’s, there was blood everywhere – a mystery at first as my knees and head were what hurt, and I had rather forgotten about my chin. I did generate some slightly repulsed but polite sympathy from the teller at Trader Joe’s, but that was not quite the same. On the way back I called Rachael again, and she made the right noises, and gasped appropriately when I got home. However, I knew where the real cosseting lay. I picked these lovely tomatoes and took some to my auntie, and she was most gratifyingly horrified. She wanted to do this and that, and then called up just a few minutes ago to get a health status report. She reiterated the whole misadventure, and speculated at length as to the possible causes of my odd fall. Most satisfying. My dinner with Ana was very pleasant, and we afterwards worked on winding her yarn into skeins. As we were eating our dessert, I pointed out that my chin had been bleeding all day, and was still bleeding. “Maybe I am turning into a hermaphrodite,” I speculated. Ana laughed and said she didn’t think so. I told you that my head got jostled!
PS. When Rachael was quite a large bun in the oven, Rebecca fell into a mud puddle in the very spot where I sat to recover. This means that all three of us have taken a tumble right there! Mysterious, don't you think?


rebecca said...

Poor Annie! You should have brought your chin to me and I could have washed it and bandaged it with nice work equipment! How is it doing?

joannamauselina said...

That would have been nice. It is doing better. Partn of the trouble was that I would't even know how to find you there. Love A

Knitman said...

If your granddaughter is old enough to be dating, she will be very busy! Lovely eyes and smile. truly. Though she also looks quite able to take care of herself.