Friday, September 26, 2008

A scary afternoon

Suzanne and my auntie were coming to lunch, and I made pretzels again, this time with actual lye, which I had finally been able to purchase. The can of lye, of course, had all kinds of dire warnings, and the recipe in my Bread Bible insisted that I wear full hazmat gear when preparing them. I am a timid creature, and all this frightened me, so I had Rachael come down and stand by as moral support, which she did with her little improvised gas mask. She was a great comfort. The resultant pretzels, not pretzel shaped, but rather tiny torpedoes, were very yummy. The ones I made earlier with butter were good, but these caustic ones were way better. As you can see here, the kitties were undeterred by chemical danger, and were eager to assist in the meal preparation.

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rebecca said...

That lye solution's so watered down, I always touch it with my naked finger, and wear no PPDs!