Friday, August 29, 2008

A nice day

Suzanne and I are millimeters away from finishing with Tom’s apartment. To celebrate, Suzanne brought some treats, including these three lovely figs, which she gave to me. “Three figs” sounds a bit like William Carlos Williams or Lawrence Durrell, doesn’t it? Or maybe even Henry Miller. Actually, there were originally four figs – that doesn’t sound as nice, does it. I fixed the problem by eating one and it was delicious, so sweet, and so room temperature – the way fruits taste best – not cold.
Later in the evening, two of my choir friends, Angela and David came to play Skat. We had pretzels made by me (without the requisite lye, as I could not find any) and bul to drink. There is no picture because we gobbled them up and gulped it down before I thought to take one. Dave is displaying the remains of one of the best Skat hands I have ever gotten. Since we were still in training mode, the hand was not quite the thrill it might have been in cut-throat competition.


Lillian said...

Hahahaha...William Carlos Williams..I've only read 2 of his poems. the red wheelbarrow one and then the one about the plums. I liked the plums one. Tasty figs though i bet?!

Lillian said...

Oh and just to clarify i'm not some snotty teen who reads William carlos williams poems on her own. It was for school. haha. I liked them though

rebecca said...

Figs always make me think of Ezra Pound.

joannamauselina said...

Lillian, I know that you are an adorable teen who reads tons - just probably not that!
Becca, It's true about Ezra Pound - one can easily imagine him enjoying, very much, a fig.