Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Slow Learner Day

On a hot day last week, Rebecca and I went to the movies to see Chris and Don. We enjoyed the movie, but we nearly froze in the cinema air conditioning. We vowed to wear our silk underwear and parkas next time. This evening we went to see Aida at the opera house. Once again, it was a very hot day, and I wondered about the air conditioning. No, I thought – all those opera going ladies with their vast expanses of bare flesh - the opera people surely must keep it warm for them. But I took my recently knitted shawl just in case. I so seldom go anywhere that one dresses up for enough to wear a shawl, and it was a rare opportunity. Rebecca looked cute in one of my father’s golf shirts, and looked sufficiently warm for a foray into ancient Egypt. However, when we got there, it was frigid. Now Rebecca frequently used to wonder at my father and aunt, both of whom always had a sweater on, no matter what the weather, and who always shivered and complained of cold if it was less than 80. She said that she had previously considered it a moral failing on their parts to always be so cold. But now, she has joined the ranks of the circulatorily challenged, and is always cold herself. She was naturally much colder than I – the one who had had the wit to bring a shawl. So we shared. The shawl, having turned out much longer than I expected, was just right for two. It was a good thing that I had made it way too big, not realizing how much it would grow when I blocked it.
Earlier, we had gone to our favorite pre-opera Thai restaurant, and eaten like little piggies. We then had to walk around Seattle Center feeling bloated as poisoned pups, as my Uncle Robert was wont to say. Once again, we were slow learners.
The top picture is the Seattle Center fountain, around which we walked to try to lessen our feelings of bloat, and the second is us in the shawl during intermission.


rebecca said...

It sure was cold! Kind of like in the dead of winter, when the department stores are heated up to suit the workers in their summer dresses, while the customers are all seltering in their coats.

FugueStateKnits said...

You two look so much alike:) which I suppose makes a great deal of sense!
Hope the evening was fun, despite the frosty-bloated-puppy feeling:)