Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A relaxing morning preparatory to busy afternoon

This is generally a blog about nothing, and today I really, really have nothing to write about. I have been working, working, working – either at my job or at some other thing I would rather not be doing. In short, I have not been reading, I have not been knitting, I have not been working in my garden, I have not been cooking, I have not been cleaning my house, I have not even been working crosswords. That is the real truth. I have been so busy lately that I have not done a crossword puzzle in about three weeks. Today, however I did one, and realized how much I love them. It is such a soothing comfort to have pen in hand and think about things and then suddenly have an “Aha” moment when it all comes clear. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite all come clear with today’s puzzle (and it is only Wdnesday), but I bet Rachael can help me finish it. I am seriously out of practice.
This little fellow is a present Rebecca got me several years ago. I had always wanted a Gartenzwerg, and they are sort of hard to find and expensive when found. Along with plastic flamingos, they are sort of a symbol of Kitsch, but sometimes Kitsch is me. He make me happy every time I meet him in my garden.

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