Monday, August 11, 2008

A busy day

Rebecca and I went shopping for dinner supplies and were foiled at every turn! Well, not quite. On the way from church to her house, I noticed that I was nearly out of gas, and at a strange gas station – one where you actually have to do your own gas - I put my card in the slot, and it had expired. Fortunately, I had a secret supply of cash in the ashtray for just such an emergency. We walked to the farmers market, and it was fun filled as usual, but the prices seemed a bit over the top. I think of some poor soul working at minimum wage, toiling for half an hour to buy an avocado, and my venomous feelings about a certain party in power begin to boil. Grrrrr. Get those greedy monsters out of there. “You fed me when I was hungry; you clothed me when I was naked.” “What you did to the least of these, you did to me.” With all their daily bible reading, they seemed to have missed those bits. At the yarn store, Rebecca was shocked at the price of the yarn she wanted to buy, but she was firm and got it anyway. Then, we needed wonton wrappers for our fabulous dinner, and the first two stores we went to had little empty spaces where the wonton wrappers went. We were discouraged, and did not fancy a trip to China Town just then. Our last hope, our usual neighborhood store (as opposed to the first two which were huge posh emporiums,) had them and that was a relief, as I was about done in with shopping. I had only had two tiny cups of tea in the morning, and it was beginning to tell on me. Rebecca was the main author of the dinner, and I was the sous chef – my main functions being to husk and scrape the “bird bit” corn, help stuff the raviolis, and set the table. The corn was the bargain of the day, since it had bird bit tops that had to be cut off. Who minds a little bird lips on one’s corn? Not us!
These are corn raviolis with pesto and tomatoes, a green bean salad, and a nectarine galette.

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rebecca said...

I don't mind bird lips! Our dinner was fun, though we did suffer with our shopping.